Online Dreamcast Titles

For many people, myself included, the Dreamcast became our first introduction to the world of the internet and online gaming. While Sega's Dreamarena service in the UK was crippled by a pay-by-minute deal with telecommunications giant, BT, and a lack of stable online infrastructure resulting in only a handful of actual online titles being released, Sega's approach in Japan and the US was much more ambitious.

Aaah, the nostalgia of the Dreamarena hub (ASL?BRB)
SegaNet, as Sega's online service was known in the US offered a much more familiar and stable yearly fee which enabled gamers to worry less about their phone bills and more about all the great titles available to play over the net. SegaNet had approximately 40-50 titles that were online compatible via either the built in 56 modem or the Broadband adapter. The service is considered the ground model that other companies such as Xbox based their online infrastructure.
Starting with the Saturn, the SegaNet service flourished on DC

In Japan, Sega's online service, was named after the legendary Sega Chairman Isao Okawa who famously provided over US$40 million towards Sega Enterprises, mainly to fund the online functionality of the Dreamcast and forgave the debts Sega owed him and gave Sega Corporation his $695 million worth of Sega stock. The service was perhaps the most comprehensive of all, offering video chat, online phone calls and offering online games from a variety of genres and even featured cross-play, with titles such as Capcom vs SNK 2 playable against gamers on Sony’s PS2. For a comprehensive list of games which were available online please see below.

Isao Okawa (pictured 2nd from the left) seen here at the launch of DreamCall

  1. 4x4 Evolution (cross-platform)
  2. •Aero Dancing
  3. •Alien Front Online (microphone support)
  4. •Bomberman Online
  5. •Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 (Japan only)
  6. •Capcom vs SNK 2 (Japan only)
  7. •Chōkō Senki Kikaiō for Matching Service
  8. •ChuChu Rocket! (keyboard/mouse support)
  9. •CR Hissatsu Shigotonin Pachitte Chonmage @VPACHI
  10. •Crazy Taxi 2 (Japan only)
  11. •Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Japan only)
  12. •Daytona USA
  13. •F355 Challenge: Passione Rossa
  14. •Frame Gride
  15. •Gundam Battle Online
  16. •Guru Guru Onsen (Japan only)
  17. •Heavy Metal Geomatrix (Japan only)
  18. •Hundred Swords
  19. •JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for Matching Service
  20. •Maximum Pool Case
  21. •Mobile Suit Gundam E.F.F Vs Zeon & DX 
  22. •Monaco Grand Prix
  23. •NBA 2K1
  24. •NBA 2K2
  25. •NCAA 2K2
  26. •Net De Tennis
  27. •Next Tetris: Online Edition
  28. •NFL 2K1
  29. •NFL 2K2
  30. •Ooga Booga
  31. •Outtrigger
  32. •Planet Ring
  33. •Phantasy Star Online
  34. •Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
  35. •Pod II
  36. •Quake III Arena (keyboard/mouse support)
  37. •Rune Jade
  38. •Sakura Taisen Online: Paris no Yuugana Hibi
  39. •Sakura Taisen Online: Teito no Nagai Hibi
  40. •Sega Swirl
  41. •Sega Tetris
  42. •Speed Devils Online
  43. •Star Lancer
  44. •Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Japan only)
  45. •Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo-ryu Dojo for Matching Service
  46. •Super Puzzle Fighter II X for matching service
  47. •Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service
  48. •Taisen Net Gimmick - Capcom & Psikyo All Stars
  49. •The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition
  50. •Toy Racer Online
  51. •Treasure Strike
  52. •Unreal Tournament
  53. •Vampire Chronicles for Matching Service
  54. •World Neverland Plus
  55. •World Neverland 2 Plus
  56. •World Series Baseball 2K2
  57. •Worms World Party


  1. I loved Dreamcast online, nice list, a few I didn't know about. Seems to be missing Unreal Tournament though?

  2. Thanks Chris, I was sure I was missing some and sure enough!

  3. There are a handful of private servers online that provide some DC online functionality, I know that there are 1 or 2 for Phantasy Star online. This site gives a few methods for getting online and I believe there is config to access the various game servers via some IP / DNS settings changes:

  4. amazing capcom vs snk 2 had cross play with ps2 , its a shame that dreamcast online gaming was neglected so much in Europe daytona usa and unreal tournament should have had online play in Europe


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