Dreamcast Diver TV (CX-1) ドリームキャスト互換ゲーム機搭載テレビ「CX-1

The Divers 2000 was a joint venture, between Japanese media giants Sega, CSK and the Fuji Television Network to produce a multimedia device based on the Dreamcast platform. It launched in March 2000 at the staggering price of 88,888 yen and was limited to just 5000 sets. For this staggering price tag, the Divers 2000, or CX-1 as it more commonly to referred to in Japan, included a working 14-inch TV screen, a built-in Sega Dreamcast console with internet capabilities (33.6 kbps modem), and running a custom Microsoft Windows CE operating system with direct midi-functioning, and special edition versions of the Dreamcast's camera, controller, keyboard and remote control, in a nifty transparent green colour.

The design of the set is somewhat reminiscent of a Morolian from Space Channel 5, and the old iMacs so popular in the early noughties, and features a GD-rom drive on the top of the unit as well as LEDs at the side which change according to the music and sound effects of the game. The design itself was planned by the Tokyo company, Aoyama Planning Arts under the concept “A millennium TV conceived in the 70s” and its retro future design is evident in its choice of screen was in contract to the flat screen CRTs which were the norm in the country at the time.

The machine, like most gaming items set at such a luxury price point didn't sell as expected and could have been picked up just after the demise of the Dreamcast for as little as $300 but in recent years the price has shot up and currently sell for around $2000 in Japan alone, so you’d better have huge pockets if you wish to add this novel collectors piece to your Dreamcast library.

 The Dreamcast Divers 2000 (CX-1)
From left to right we have the power switch

 G-rom drive is built in to the top of the unit
These cool LEDs flash according to the onscreen audio
 When booting up the unit for the first time you get this rather unflattering bios loading screen

               Inputs on the back include the regular audio ports you'd expect as well a midi (although only one Dreamcast game used this)
The remote allows you to change between TV and the Dreamcast
 Exclusive Divers controller
 Exclusive Divers Keyboard

              Exclusive Divers Camera with a resolution of 310,000 and capacity to store just 31 J-peg photos


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