New Dreamcast Hardware Discovered!

Thanks to DCgaga reader and fellow DC-TALK forumite, CD AGES, I recently became aware of this largely unknown piece of Dreamcast hardware (Catalogue number SFL-2000P1) which recently became available at auction. At just over a $120 the winning bidder (a friend of the aforementioned CD AGES) certainly got himself a bargain with this item (the guy who spend $4600 on a sealed Dreamcast must certaintly be kicking himself) which was probably largely due to the unfortunate labelling of the item as “Japaneses” & “Dream Cast” by the seller. So, there you go kids, paying attention during English really does have some benefit!
The Sega "Control Unit"

After a little research it seems to be a special Dreamcast unit which got used in dedicated Japanese internet cafes during the Dreamcast era. As such, it outputs VGA and S-video as standard, and is similar in appearance to the prototype DVD player Sega displayed at the Tokyo Game Show in 2000. Strangely though, very little information seems to be available about this particular item, even in Japanese and so it will be fascinating to see what information becomes available, as well as what  exactly is under the hood.

Notice the VGA as well as S-video inputs

Sega label - unit is labeled as "Control Unit"

Front complete with (blue?) LED

Disc drive & possiple controller input slot?
Stayed tuned for more information in the coming weeks!


  1. Ownership of the "Dreamcast Control Unit" has been passed on to me quite recently. Feel very proud of adding this item to my humble collection.

  2. Fantastic, any chance you could share some pictures of it running with controllers/accessories?

  3. That's the thing. Connecting a controller of any type is quite a tedious task to do. Not only must the top metal casing be removed, I have to unscrew the entire portion that is holding the Motherboard in place. For some odd reason, the Mobo is positioned upside down on this thing where the controller board is located. This is really the most puzzling thing about this piece of hardware that myself and my friend are trying to wrap our heads around. How exactly did this thing function without having to take it apart???
    It's very strange -.-
    I wish i could find out more about this thing but there is little to no info on it.

    1. If it was for use in internet caf├ęs and other one would assume it was a set 'n' forget type affair, so people couldnt pinch the controllers and disc, one might assume. Unless there's nowhere to route the cables through the casing, in which case I am as usual, chatting shit.

  4. Guys, this is truly fascinating. There is NOTHING about this thing anywhere online. I'd like to cover this on the Dreamcast Junkyard too if that's OK? I'll obviously give credit for where it first appeared. CD ageS - are you able to take more photos of it?


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