Dreamcast Replacement Lids

At the end of the Dreamcast's life span Sega produced a number of replacement lids for those who wished to add some colour to their beloved console.

The replacement lids were great as you only needed to remove the top from your system and replace it with your preferred cover - no moving of circuitry was required. This made it easier to replace broken systems as all you needed to do was to attach your lid onto your replacement console.

The origins of this accessory though, have never been confirmed, and despite featuring Japanese packaging (albeit somewhat dubious) they were never give an official release in Japan. What’s more, despite having an official product code [GMS – 002] installing the cover would revoke your warranty with Sega, leading to suggestions that they were never officially distributed (despite being manufactured) by the company.
I have come across the following colour schemes but believe there could be others.

Crystal Black

Crystal Blue

Crystal Grey

Crystal Yellow

Piano Black

Whatever the truth is, and despite their somewhat shady origins they remain today as one of the rarest and desirable items for collectors.