Utopia Boot Disc Guide

The Dreamcast is a versatile little machine that is capable of doing a lot of things, sadly playing import games out of the box was not one of them. Luckily, thanks to the Windows CE operating system used by the Dreamcast there are a few simple workarounds to allow you to play those sought after exclusives from other regions. The easiest method is to use what is often referred to as a  "Boot Disc". The most commonly used disc is the Utopia Disc and only takes a few minutes to prepare, just follow these simple steps.

To make a Utopia boot disc all you will need are the following;

A blank CD-R

A Utopia Boot Disc file

A CD burning program such as Discjuggler.

When you are ready and have downloaded the Utopia file, open it up and you should see a CDI file inside. Next, open up your CD burning program. If you are using Discjuggler program then all you need to do is Click File> New> Burn CD and DVD images, then click OK.

In the source box, click on the paper and cd button and find were the utopia cd image is located at. In the destination box, choose where your CD burner drive is located and you do not need to change any of the settings in the advanced tab. Now just click burn, and once its 100% complete the disc will pop out and the disc is Dreamcast ready. Simply place the disc into your system, turn it on, and you will arrive at the Utopia boot screen. You are now free to play any Dreamcast game, from any region including all of the games from the DCgaga Store!

Completely free access to a plethora of untapped games, hurrah!

Finally, if you are like me you will want a nice cover for the disc to look the part in your collection. I am a big fan of the orange and white, Japanese Dreamcast colour scheme so I recommend the following cover from The Iso Zone , although other covers are available.

Click and save to download this awesome cover