Densha De Go! Dreamcast Controller

The Dreamcast Densha de GO! Controller is a special controller for the train driving sim, Densha de Go! 2: Kousoku-hen 3000 by Taito. It faithfully mimics an actual train's control scheme with the winding brake lever on the right and the throttle on the left, and there is even a space for you to put a stop watch should you be so inclined. Like all authentic Dreamcast products it feels good, everything feels sturdy and well-built and you can hear a nice clicking sound when you adjust the throttle.

A couple of things I would have liked to have seen are a proper button for the horn instead of just using the C button on the bottom part of the controller. Would it have killed them to plonk a big red button and labeled it "Noisy Horn"? Also, while the game supports vibration feedback through the puru puru pack, there is no such support on the Densha De Go controller. It's a shame as that really adds to the realism of the game, and especially as ASCII pulled off a fantastic job of implementing a rumble feature on their FT Fighting Sticks.

Still, I would still obviously choose to play the game with this controller as it really adds to the gameplay. The Densha De Go series is well known for its hellish difficulty and the intense levels of accuracy required. With clearly marked controls which are simple to follow this peripheral makes the game a little bit easier to play, and like the Sega fishing rod and maracas before it, adds to the experience with its authenticity. Supposedly, train drivers in Japan used to use a version of this controller and game during training. Sadly, doesn't come with a train driver’s hat.

Boxed DC Densha De Go Controller

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