VGA Incompatibility List

Dreamcast's VGA compatibility is one of the console's biggest strengths, enabling it to outshine more modern consoles like the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox with its near HD visuals, everyone remembers their first time they used the Dreamcast with a VGA cable. The the jump is tremendous, you see details that you never expected and colours become so vibrant that you feel like you a playing a console in 2013, not 2003. Basically, it is the apex of the Dreamcast’s visual quality.

There is a downside though, and that is that not all developers were kind enough to implement VGA compatibility. There aren't a lot that didn't, and nearly all of the big games do support this feature but it can be annoying to put in a game only to find up you need to set up the DC on the big TV downstairs. So here is a list of Japanese titles which I believe are incompatible with the VGA feature. I am sure there are more, especially the weird dating sims so please let me know if you know of any other titles so I can add them to list.

  • Aerowings
  • Aerowings 2 
  • Aqua GT
  • Bangai-O
  • Blue Stinger
  • Buggy Heat 
  • Conflict Zone 
  • Cool Boarders Burrrn  
  • Dance Dance Revolution 2 
  • Dance Dance Revolution Club Mix
  • Deadly Skies
  • DeSpiria
  • Dino Crisis
  • ES
  • Evolution 
  • Get Bass
  • Gunbird 2
  • Hydro Thunder
  • Incoming
  • Jinsei Game
  • Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure 
  • KoF '99 evolution
  • KoF '99 Dream match
  • Kita He
  • Last Blade 2
  • LOL
  • Net De Tennis
  • Plasma Sword
  • Psychic Force 2012
  • Railroad Tycoon 2
  • The Ring
  • Sentimental Graffiti 2
  • Slave Zero
  • Soul Fighter
  • Sydney 2000
  • Tee Off Golf
  • The Next Tetris
  • Virtua Cop 2


  1. Capcom Vs SNK and Spawn most def ARE VGA compatible by default! You also have Star Gladiator (AKA Plasma Sword) posted twice on your list ;)

  2. Thanks, I am guessing that I was mixing it up with the PAL versions which I remembered did not work with VGA.

    1. No problem. Glad I could help. Also I can confirm Bust a Move 4 IS compatible with VGA so you may want to mark that off your list, as well as Biohazard 3 and maybe Aero2 but don't quote me on that last one.

      You can add both DDR release not being compatible though...

  3. Anonymous6/04/2013

    Tokyo Bus Guide is wrong to...

  4. I recently got a new, used Dreamcast after missing my old games.

    My HydroThunder is working with my RetroBit VGA adapter. First game I played. The booklet does look a little different from those I normally see images of. It has a green "HOT! NEW!" fake sticker on the left side of the HydroThunder logo. It is not a sticker. It's actually printed as part of the cover design. I don't know if that's a reliable way to identify a VGA compatible version or not.

    My Midway Greatest Arcade Hits Vol 1 and 2 do not support VGA.

    FYI- The VGA adapter I'm using is great! Just flip a switch to change display output. You do have to restart the Dreamcast after flipping the swtich. ...but no swapping cables.

  5. ...and sorry. I just noticed your note about this being Japanese editions of the games. This is the first list I've found that didn't say it was of ripped or CDI copies.


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