MIL-CD Comptability

Which are the MIL-CD compatible Dreamcasts? It's a question which is becoming more and more prevalent these days as only that version of the system can be used to play the ever increasing library of homebrew and indie (as well as the odd "back up") games. I know a lot of people are confused as to which units to look our for  and  many are convinced it is connected to model number, or HKT number but that is simply not the case.

Here is a quick guide to spot if the console is compatible and you dont have access to the box to check if it can play recent releases such as Sturmwind or classic homebrew tiles like Beats of Rage on a Japanese Dreamcast.

Step 1
Take a look at the underside of the console. There should be a sticker with a barcode like the following.

 Next, check the third number across from the left.

This number indicates the year in which the console was manufactured, the one above was made in 2000.

Each year the console went through a packaging redesign and the odd internal alteration as follows.
  • 8 = 1998 model (First edition, orange Yukawa box)
  • 9 = 1999 model (Yukawa white box edition/White Dreamcast logo edition)
  • 0 = 2000 model (White Dreamcast logo edition, a small number are incompatible)
  • 1 = 2001 model (White Dreamcast logo edition, almost all are incompatible with MIL-CD)
To ensure that your console will work with MIL-CDs you should try to pick up a console that was made in 1998 or 1999. To ensure you get a GD-rom drive with the least wear and tear the newest model possible is advised.

The first two numbers in the barcode also represent the company that built the drive.
  • 01 = ASAHI Electron 
  • 02= SEIYO D
  • 04 = T.TKR
  • 05 = UGO DENSHI

Step 2
On 1st November, 2000 Sega also changed their name from "Sega Enterprises" to "Sega Corporation"and therefore, all consoles made after this date will carry the revised name on the label at the bottom of the console. It just so happens that after this date Sega removed all MIL-CD compatiblity from their consoles so if you have a Sega Corporation Dreamcast then it probably isn't going to work with MIL-CDs.

MIL-CD Compatible model

Incompatible model

I hope this guide proves useful to those searching for a new console. Please be aware though that this is only a rough guide and I am sure there are exceptions laying about considering the state that the company was in at the time. However, for the most part it should prove accurate and so happy hunting.


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