The VMU was originally a memory card for the Dreamcast that put an LCD screen right in your controller. When you weren’t at home you could take it with you and play mini-games or swap data with your friends. While it was a largely underused feature of the console it did actually improve gameplay for some games like Biohazard: Code Veronica by displaying your life meter on the screen. As you can see there were a fair few variations that made it out into the world.

The standard visual memory. This is the first edition, it was late released in a box similar to the editions below

The Seaman VMU originally came bundled with the clear skeleton Dreamcast units sold at HMV

Visual Memory US Blue - One of the last VMUs to be released (HKT-7009-01)

Aqua Blue (HKT-7007-03)- similar to the Hello Kitty (Blue) version

Giant Chanel edition, sold to commemorate the release of Giant Gram (HKT-7008-02)

Visual Memory: Dolphin version, sold exclusively through Dreamcast Direct

Strawberry VMU, another edition which you could purchase at Dreamcast-Direct with points

Marble Brown edition which I have also seen been labeled as Wood Grain

Marble Blue edition, game in the same brown box as all D-Direct edition VMUs

Visual Memory Colour Version (Lime Green) (HKT-7007-04)

Pearl Pink edition

Visual Memory: Carbon Black. Another memory card only available via Dreamcast Direct

"Pure black" version that was sold after the release of the DD black system. Never seen it boxed as yet.

Sakura Wars Edition VMU that came bundled with the console. Also features a limited edition game.

Visual Memory: Passion Pink. Similar in colour to the Hello Kitty version this was sold at retail.

Gather Godzilla Edition, actually the first VMU to be produced (HKT-7001) You can get more information on this special edition VMU from our feature page

The Gamera edition VMU (HKT - 7006) is the rarest of all the Godzilla VMUs it comes complete with a Gamera figurine and a special Gamera tamagotchi- style monster loaded on the VMU.

Another Godzilla Edition VMU, the Mothra edition VMU is the commoner of the two (HKT-7005). More info on this VMU from our feature.

To repay Capcom's staunch support of the system, Sega authorized these fairly rare Capcom edition VMUs at the end of the Dreamcast's life. Quite a rarity and a real collectors item.

The SGGG VMU was released together with Sega's RPG Segagaga (SGGG) and is probably the best looking memory card for the Dreamcast with "8-Bit" logo emblazoned proudly at the top.

4X was an attempt to offer players more storage, you can get more info from our in-depth look at the accessory here (HKT-4100).

A limited edition of the 4X launched to coincide with the release of Phantasy Star Online. You can find more info on this VMU here.

The Sonic Team VMU is one of the rarer memory cards available and launched around the time of Sonic Adventure 2. It is one of the cards to come with its own unique packaging in "Sonic Blue" colour, and features Sonic himself on the front of the box.

Visual Memory Clear was one of the later releases and is actually more difficult to get hold of than the Seaman edition that was bundled with the game.