HKT-3000(Yukawa 1st Edition)
My very first Japanese Dreamcast, this thing has been everywhere with me and accordingly is a bit battered. Still, it is a classic and I love the image of Yukawa-san on the back looking (rightly) worried as he gets into his car. This came with the usual cables, Dream Passport 1 and is of course, Mil-CD compatible.



HKT-3000(Yukawa 2nd Edition)
The Yukawa 2nd series box set replaced the image of Yukawa-san getting into his car that featured on the packaging of the original launch Dreamcasts. The 2nd edition features some of those iconic images from the Dreamcast commercials that the aforementioned, former managing director is famed for. This came with Dream Passport 2 and is Mil-CD compatible.



HKT-3000 (DreamPassport 3)
The HKT-3000 is the standard model for Dreamcast. This particular one is the later edition, hence the white packaging and the Dream Passport 3. Ugo Denshi version manufactured in 2000 and Mil-CD compatibile.




              Console, complete with AV cable, power chord, modem cable and Dream Passport 3

Dreamcast Direct (Black)
Like most the Dreamcast Direct edition units only 200 of these were released. Sega also released a "pure black" edition VMU, Keyboard and BBA. I have also heard rumours about a black Puru Puru Pack but have yet to see one myself. Packaged in the second Japanese white box with a matching controller, Dream Passport 3, documentation and cables. 


The black edition is reminiscent of Sega's previous console 

 Like all limited editions they were produced by Ugo

Seaman Dreamcast (Translucent)
The Seaman edition transcucent console was only in HMV stores. The casing is clear skeleton with a Seaman symbol on the console’s lid. It came bundled in a cardboard packaging with Seaman themed imagery on both sides, with a matching clear controller and VMU, Seaman game and Dream Passport CD, documentation, link cables, a microphone and an audio cable. Only 500 were produced worldwide.

Classy looking, understated edition

One of the few LE console to be manufactured by Sanwa

Dreamcast Direct (Silver)
I believe like the black Dreamcast Direct edition units, only 200 of these were released. Packaged in the second Japanese white box with a matching controller, Dream Passport 3, documentation and cables.

One of the most beautiful looking colourways

R7 Dreamcast 
The R7 is an interesting edition, originally used as a special edition network console in pachinko parlors in Japan, they were not released on general sale. Towards the end of the Dreamcasts life Sega decided to release a limited supply at retail, possibly as they had extra stock so the machine remains something of a collectors piece. There is a misconception that the unit comes with a broadband adapter as standard. This is not true and I believe only the earlier pachinko only editions came packed with this feature. All other units come with a standard 56k but black edition modem.

The regulation 7 refers to the Japanese penal code pertaining to businesses affecting public morals

Again, another Ugo denshi model

Sakura Wars Dreamcast
The Sakura Wars edition Dreamcast was one of the last limited edition consoles to be released (Dec 2000) in Japan. It was made to coincide with the release of Sakura Wars 3 for the Dreamcast which is extremely popular in Sega’s homeland. The console came along with a controller, a limited edition memory card which featured an exclusive Sakura Wars game, and an internet browser set. Also, being one of the later models it is not compatible with MIL-CDs. Again, another Ugo model.

Fantastic colorful box make this one a real collectors item

The Sakura Wars edition was yet another instance of Sega trying to attract female gamers