Dreamcast Gun

The official Dreamcast gun has to be one of the coolest light guns ever. It has an expansion slot that is compatible with the VMU or even better you can slap in a vibration pack for realistic recoil. It is one of the most accurate guns you can get although like all lightguns only works with CRT TVs. The official model was only released in Asia and Europe as Sega decided not release in the US due to possible bad press after the Columbine High School massacre. Furthermore, Sega went through the hassle of blocking compatibility with HOTD 2 and Confidential Mission for the American release. Although not a huge amount of games are compatible with the gun, those which are generally top quality and some of the stalwarts of the genre.

This is the regular Boxed edition (HKT 7801). Not surprisingly it is rarer than the HOTD2 edition although the peripheral is exactly the same

The gun itself has a very modern design and a unique and useful D-pad on the handle to navigate menu screens.

The HOTD Edition. Such a cracking game, this is one of the reasons I picked up a Dreamcast in the first place. If you haven't played HOTD 2 you are missing out.

More to follow...