Much maligned by some, the standard Dreamcast controller is an evolution of the "Nights" 3D controller released for the Saturn. While the button layout is not ideal for many of the beat-em ups on the system, the Dreamcast controller at least has one of the best set of analogue triggers ever, and make games like Crazy Taxi such a joy to play. It features two VMU slots, the second of which also supports the Puru Puru rumble pack

The original model Dreamcast controller (HKT-7701)

Millenium Aqua Blue Edition, quite a rarity to find it with its millennium mark (check our feature here) (HKT-7700-60).

Marble Blue Controller

Leopard Controller,  that was given away through the Dream Point scheme. Also has a matching VMU

Dreamcast Direct Marble Brown Controller

 Transparent controller. Very little documentation exists for it. Seems a rarity (HKT-7700-18).

 Passion Pink transparent controller

Pure Black edition - bundled with the Dreamcast Direct "Pure Black" system

 Camouflage controller - sold through Sega Direct

 R7- originally bundled with the Regulation 7 edition console

Carbon Black- Another from the Dreamcast Direct series

Sakura Wars Edition that came bundled with the console, but was also sold separately

Translucent Seaman edition controller which came bundled with only one of 500 limited edition Seaman Dreamcasts

Translucent orange controller which came bundled with Chu Chu Rocket in Japan

US Blue Edition

Dreamcast Diver Controller

Translucent black controller. A "Millennium Edition" version was also released.

Translucent Lime Green controller.  This is the "Millennium Edition" version and is less common than the standard variant.