Mothra Dream Battle VMU

As I mentioned in my Godzilla VMU post, I have developed a slight penchant for collecting Dreamcast VMUs of late, acquiring the Atsumete Godzilla, Aqua Blue,Lime Green,Giant Channel,Camouflage,Carbon Black, Dolphin, Seaman, 4X and original versions over the years. The newest one I've added to my collection is the Mothra VMU figurine set, which just like the the godzilla edition comes with a tamagotchi-like monster built into the system which you can raise and also connect to other VMUs to battle. You can also enter your monster into short tournaments to raise its ability and I plan to take a further look at the actual game segments over the coming weeks.

Unlike the godzilla edition this unit which was released prior to the launch of the Dreamcast to take advantage of the tamagotchi/pokemon craze and  promote the launch of the system, the Mothra Dream Battle version was released just after the Japanese launch. This box set also comes complete with a mothra figurine which is pretty cool and quite well detailed for such a small toy. It is also completely brand new and you can see the tag is still connected to the battery slot of the memory unit. I'll be changing that in the following weeks as me and a friend will be testing out the competitive side of rasing the monsters to find out more about the system. 

There is a third monster edition VMU released the following year in 1999 which is the Gamera Dream Battle edition. This is the rarest of the three but I shall be keeping my eye out and add it to the collection in the near future. In the meantime check out this Dreamcast commercial advertising the release of the Godzilla VMU released prior to the system. Notice how Sega is marketing it as an independent machine and not as the memory unit for the Dreamcast. Oh, how that venture proved to be a short lived idea!