Passion Projects - Sega Dreamcast: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

Nostalgia is a funny thing, isn't it? I sometimes wonder why we pay so much attention to a video gaming system that many would say was obsolete twenty years ago. It’s probably something to do with the fact that it takes us back to  those warm fuzzy parts of our life. The Dreamcast encapsulates those moments and images personal to us. We can detail the events surrounding purchasing the system, the way our parents would complain about us blocking the phone line when playing PSO, and the feeling of disbelief when ChuChu Rocket actually dropped through our postboxes.

Sega sent every single person who owned a Dreamcast a free copy (well in Europe anyway)

It's never been about profit, or prestige, and I'm pretty sure the few Dreamcast-related websites which are still actually running aren't doing so for a simple cash-grab. It is on this point that I wanted to bring to your attention today. As you probably were aware those cool cats over at DC Junkard were putting together a comprehensive guide to the Dreamcast a year back with the title, "Sega Dreamcast: The Ultimate Collectors Guide" only for it to be halted by Sega's finance department. The guide is a  fantastic resource for the community and includes data such as full games lists for each regions, and even features info on the latter home-brew releases and development titles.

Pick up the guide while you still can!

So, it is somewhat baffling that Sega go out of their way to block such a useful resource instead of promoting or funding an endeavor which would keep their legacy relevant. What’s more ridiculous is tat like the @games Megadrive/Genesis, and the recent Retro-bit controllers (sorry but we know it's going to be junk) are somehow given the go ahead. Yeah, I maybe dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice if for just once Sega looked towards its community for direction, instead of some boardroom committee who come up with ideas such as, "Sonic the fucking Werehog"!

Anyway, apologies for the rant but if you do want to get a hold of the Junkyard's "Sega Dreamcast: The Ultimate Collectors Guide" they are distributing it freely via PDF. Who knows how long it will be up so better head over and grab it while you still can!  

Happy Dreamcasting!