Dreamcast games for 2018!

Happy New Year Dreamcasters! Holy cow, it's 2018 and the Dreamcast is still rocking. In fact, there are still are festive sprinkle of titles in the pipeline, for what is the Dreamcast's 20th year. 

Personally, I've still got my finger's doggedly crossed for a port of SNK vs Capcom Chaos, but if you have more realistic aspirations for your Dreamcasting in 2018, here are the titles which could be seeing the light on Sega's swirl, in order of feasibility.

Intrepid Izzy
Kickstarter backed beat'em up / platformer genre mix developed by Senile Team, one of the veterans of the DC indie scene and the team behind the amazing Beats of Rage (if you have't tried it then shame!) as well as Rush Rush Rally Racing for the Dreamcast.

Yeah, the name is a bit cack, and overall it looks like a bit like a mobile flash title, but according to Senile Team’s announcement, Intrepid Izzy will be a 2D platform action game induced with “metroidvania” elements as the player must guide Izzy through the many worlds, fighting off enemies, solving puzzles, and avoiding obstacles along the way. So, yeah a stereotypical platformer. 


Xeno Crisis
Xeno Crisis is a new, original title for the Dreamcast (and also the Megadrive) and is an arena shooter  affair in the vein of 16-bit classics likes Smash TV,  Alien Syndrome, and Chaos Engine.

The developer is certainly striving for authenticity, "We want the game to look, feel and sound like the classic Mega Drive games of the '80s and '90s, but also add some new elements that weren't so common in games of that era, particularly procedural map generation and randomisation of gameplay elements."

It's also interesting note that the game has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, with  a Dreamcast stretch goal added and the option of paying a smaller amount to simply download the game and burn it yourself should you still actually have a computer with a CD drive, "A Dreamcast version of Xeno Crisis is something we discussed some time ago, and given both the phenomenal reception of the Kickstarter campaign and feedback from the community, we felt like now was the time to commit to it!We’ve added a new pledge for those of you who just want the Dreamcast version. Backers of the physical editions of Xeno Crisis will be able to add £20 to their pledge to receive the Dreamcast version."

Definitely, one to look out for although it will be interesting to see how it will control considering the Dreamcast's lack of dual sticks. Speaking of controls, you'll be happy to hear that the Dreamcast version may yet feature twin-stick support thanks to those canny folk over at Dreamcastjunkard kindly offering their peripheral to test such a feature. 



SLaVE with a lower-case ( for erm,..reasons!?) is the perpetual bride's maid of the Dreamcast indie scene and has been around for what feels like an eternity. Orignally announced back in September 2014, Goat Store announced a new addition to Dreamcast and SLaVE was described on the official website as a mashup of Doom and the old Atari shooter Robotron.

"This is what happens if Robotron 2084 and DOOM got together and had an illegitimate lovechild. SLaVE is the timewarp of 1984's aesthetic and 1994's tech to make a game that is uniquely 2014. It is relentless neon arcade blasting action from a first-person tech utilizing features in the extended DOOM engine 3DGE that gamers could only imagine in 1984, or 1994 for that matter."

The game certainly looks refreshing (hallelujah it's not 2D) and the the developer's still assure us it is in development, so let's hope that 2018 is the year for SLaVE.


Saber Rider & The Star Sherifs
This is a game we featured way back in 2015 and you have to wonder if the game will make it. Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is a 2D shoot-em up based on an '80s Japanese anime TV series known as Sei Jūshi Bisumaruku, and was originally intended for a 3DS release before being scrapped a few years ago. 

The games visuals seem to have been improved and judging by the Youtube video released by the developers recently, now features a full anime intro akin to that seen in Policenauts on the Saturn. I still have my little pinky's crossed for this rather otaku-inspired released, especially if the game comes packaged with the lush artwork as seen on the right.


Twist It
There is not a lot of information available on Twist It other than some basic release information and the fact that it is similar to Magical Drop. The last news update we received was via the developer's Facebook page and that was made in April 2017, so it could be dead, but it still hasn't been confirmed. The developer still assures us that the game is still in production so that is great news.

Interestingly, Twist It is planned for a release on two formats, SD card and CD. It is good to see that  developers are perusing options of releasing titles on SD card as an option as this format is often used by fans and hackers such as DGemu but has not exactly been that well supported by publishers of homebrew. One day our Dreamcast drives will pack in and so this route could provide a viable route for games to continue enjoying their systems. Either-way, it will make Twist It the first homebrew release to use the SD card option.


Age of the Beast

The follow up to the aforementioned, Beats of Rage, this Golden Axe "inspired" title certainly looks the part, and features 4-player co-op, magic, swords and even wolves to RIDE ON. Yup, we get to live out our Game of Thrones fantasies by mounting a huge Direwolf, Ahem! 

The game has been around for a while now and age of the Beast was listed as one of the "upcoming [Dreamcast] projects [to look] forward to" in the 8th issue of the British print magazine, Retrogamer. The magazine is now on issue 175. 

So yeah, as represented by its low position on this list it's not looking likely that we will see this interesting looking title soon but we can still hope. Personally, I hope we do see it in 2018 as I would love a good sequel to Golden Axe as the ones we got from Sega were a bit cack if truth be told.


....so there you go, what are you looking forward to playing this year? Or are you already burned out by Kickstarters and 16-bit conversions and simply content to traverse back through the Dreamcast's official releases of the time? Be sure to get in touch, and if you're still hungry for more Dreamcast please check out our latest video as we attempt to play through Pen Pen Triicelon, one of the Dreamcast's more...idosyncratic...launch titles. Cheers, and all the best for 2018!


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