Community Challenge!

Think you are good at Dreamcast, or just looking for a fun chance to delve into one of your favourite old games? Then please join us for our monthly Dreamcast challenge in which you have the chance to immortalise yourself on this very page, and at the very least dust off some of your collection. 

The Game: 
Capcom vs SNK/Capcom vs SNK Pro

The Challenge:
Easiest difficulty, Arcade mode, use two characters, highest score ranking


Pick any two characters from the line up available (but you may only use two) and play through the arcade mode on the easiest difficulty setting. Please take a picture of your high score table with your name at the top and upload it to either our Facebook or Twitter pages and I will upload it to this very page. Let's Dreamcast!

Are you the king of fighters (baddum-tschh)?

Entries in by April 15th  please!