First YouTube Video - OUT NOW!

I have always enjoyed putting together my thoughts on the Dreamcast down onto paper, and collecting those ideas on a small website in which fans, old and new, could visit and wile away a few minutes, hopefully finding enjoyment, and learning a few things along the way. While it was beyond my initial scope and vision for Dreamcastgaga, I am very happy to announce our very first video game review, or, “retrospective” is now out on our YouTube channel.

Our plan is to cover a game each month, and give you guys the choice of what games you want to see through the forum of Twitter and Facebook. Also, in the pipeline is a follow up, “sofa chat” style video in which we will attempt the game in a more casual, and we hope entertaining fashion. Of course, I will still keep the written reviews going, as well as add to our catalogue of hardware when the budget allows.

Basically, there is a ton of DC content in the pipeline and so please keep Dreamcastgaga in your Bookmarks. Thank you for your support, this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without the support of you, the Dreamcast community.