Free US Official Dreamcast Magazine Download

Wish to relive the hype of the Dreamcast launch, and read about the astonishing initial sales "bigger than Star Wars Episode 1”, only to then discover delays and cancelations of large numbers of titles(Castlevania, Black & White I’m looking at yous particularly) before finally having your heart ripped out as you are informed of Sega’s withdrawal from the hardware market? Well thankfully, now you can do just that thanks to fellow Dreamcast-talk forumite, itsthinkingstill.

Aesthetically more of a "gamer" format than the UK releases

This kind soul has worked tirelessly to scan and record every single issue of the Official US Dreamcast Magazine and uploaded the full set here for Dreamcast fans to access free of charge . Personally, despite owning full sets of the British varations of these magazines I have never had the chance to see how our cousins over the pond viewed and portrayed our beloved system and am looking forward to a lazy afternoon scanning through these magazines, US spellings and all.

Dreamcast 2? Ha,ha..ha-h....sob,sob. :'(
Who knows how long it will be up for so I suggest grabbing it as soon as you can. Also, don’t forget to visit the Dreamcast-talk forum  and show your appreciation to itsthinkingstill for his  wonderful contribution to the Dreamcast community.