New Dreamcast release, same overpriced story!

You may remember that just over a month ago we reported of the first game announced for Dreamcast in 2015, well low and behold Alice's Mom's Rescue has already been shipped and is now available for purchase from HucastGames. The game is supposedly the Dreamcast's very own Wonder Boy style title with support for 240p, RGB cable, S-video, and VGA displays. There are two physical editions available.
First there’s the Limited Edition which comes in a 2 disc DVD case and is limited to only 300 copies. The version costs €42.95, but if don't fancy dropping that much coin on a tablet based title there’s also a Regular Edition for €24.95. To be honest, I find the price of the title slightly offensive seeing as the PC version is $3, yes that's three fucking dollars! Basically, you’re paying an extra €22 for a box which you could knock up yourself (judging by the reports in quality you'd probably do a better job).
Don’t get me wrong, I am not discouraging people from purchasing the game and thoroughly recommend going straight to developer Orion if you wish to pick it up (and you can do so here). It is just I do not wish to encourage any Dreamcast fans to further line the pockets of a company which seems intent on taking advantage of fans nostalgia for our system. There is something that really grates about a company which takes advantage of our solid community without actually giving much back in quality or value for money. I'm in the mind that in ten years’ time their legacy will be no more than a bunch of overpriced, average titles which will largely be discarded from the Dreamcast's history.