Woo-hoo, It’s Our Blogiversary!

 Heello Dreamcasters,

Today, is somewhat of a special day for DCgaga because it marks two years since the launch of Dreamcastgaga! It all started on September 19, 2012, when I finally decided I wanted to put together a website with the goal of offering a practical resource for those interested in the Sega Dreamcast, particularly the Japanese variant. It started as a personal venture as I felt that a place was needed to be record all of the consoles, accessories and games which Sega pushed out so fervently during its final onslaught.

I know there were other similar websites around, but not one that solely focused on Dreamcast, and more particularly the collection aspect. Over the course of these two years the response from the Dreamcast community has been more than I could ever have imagined. The number of emails, twitter messages and community interactions have really shown me just how adored it is that a community remains, so strong some 10 years or so after the system was discontinued.

I would like to raise a toast to everyone who made it all possible, through your passion, enthusiasm, and support, that the system remains so feverously supported, and ask you to join us for a stroll down memory lane on this anniversary of the DCgaga site as I revisit my personal history with the system, and epically fail at a Sega quiz with resident DJ KC of SegaRadio.

Click to hear DCgaga fail at speech!

I hope you enjoy this look back at the past 10 -15 years of Dreamcast, but the site is far from finished and I look forward to bringing you even more Dreamcast game reviews, features, articles and other content in the years to come.