DCGAGA - Keeping the Dream Alive!

After a several month hiatus and much needed break from gaming, Dreamcastgaga is back and as the Japanese put it, yaru ki manman (ready for action)!

I would like to say a big thank you to our readers for your patience and for all the kind emails I have recieved over the last few months. To kickstart our re-launch we are going to be looking at that Sega game that kicked off the dream. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest DCgaga news by joining our official Twitter page (https://twitter.com/DreamcastGaga) and bag yourself some awesome DC goodies in our upcoming giveaway.
DCgaga is back!!


  1. Anonymous9/01/2014

    Kalin here, man i was thinking about dcgaga for some time now and was just about to send you a mail, no coincidences! Glad you're back!

  2. Im really happy that you back!) Awesome Sonic Adventure review!!!

  3. Thanks guys, it's great to be back after some much needed recuperation.

    Let the games begin.


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