Blowing our own!

I was flicking through YouTube as one does on a hungover Sunday, searching for retro video game features I came across this feature by Sega Nerds in which they take a look at our very own, DreamcastGaga, thanks guys! If you want to check out the Dcgaga on the big screen (well YouTube) please see the following link.

Also, be sure to check out the Sega Nerds website as they have some fantastic articles including this nice find of an exclusive interview with non other than former SoA President, and possessor of one fantastic goatee - Peter Moore, on his memories of the system and his views on what went wrong at Sega during that time. While it's interesting to know Moore still holds our system in such high esteem, it's somewhat hard to take from someone who sold his soul to the devil (aka EA). Ah, if only Moore could have convinced the devil to join Dreamcast at the time, things could have been so, so different....