Dux 5 anyone?

Dreamcast fans must be getting pretty familiar with NGDEVTEAM, as they have been keeping Sega's hardware and Neo Geo hardware alive and well with games like NEO XYX, Last Hope and Gunlord. After they recently announced that they were planning on doing development for Nintendo platforms like the 3DS and WiiU, I wondered if that meant that they might be moving away from retro development, but nope, yet another title is in production in the form of 2D shooter Razion. At the moment, the title has only been announced for the Neo Geo but considering NGDEVTEAM's track record we can probably assume it will make its way over to our beloved white box at some point.

To be honest, you have to wonder how they could announce another game so soon as Neo XYX was only released a couple of months back, but having checked the video all became clear.....

...the game is basically Dux in a new, darker and visually inferior skin, a title which was hardly groundbreaking the first place. Still, another game to add to the system's ever increasing library and one which I am sure hardcore shmup fans will be happy to play. For the rest of us, a lower price point than the usual $45 these games retail at is needed for Razion to spark interest.