Elysian Shadows Update!

Team Elysian Shadows have released a new video detailing their progress on their upcoming RPG for the Dreamcast, Elysian Shadows. The video is a huge 56 minutes long and gives  a lot of insight into the team that is building this game, but the thing that stood out for me is that the game is actually in full 3D, ala Jet Set Radio, and not 2D like the previous images released suggested. The music was also mightily impressive (although some of the sfx still need some work), definitely one that is starting to peak my interest. Check out the video and the the sales pitch below for more information on this very intriguing RPG.

"Team Elysian Shadows is back and is working full-speed, balls-to-the-wall preparing the game for Kickstarter at the end of the summer. AiGD25 is the product of many sleepless nights of art, music, code, and substance abuse, and focuses on gameplay elements such as NPC scripting, platforming mechanics, and the combat system with updates from the entire development team."


  1. Has a slight Turbo Grafx look to it. Im not big into RPGs, but im sue those that are tired of yet another DC shooter indie game will be excited.

  2. Here, here.

    The community is crying out for a one-on-one, beat-em up.


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