Dreamcast Dev Kit up for sale!

The Dreamcast Katana Dev kit was the official development kit for the Sega Dreamcast. It's effectively a fancy computer with four Dreamcast controller ports and a GD-ROM disc drive and came in two different flavours - the vanilla Dreamcast version and a "Katana" (code name used during the development of the Dreamcast) version which could interface with a Windows or a Mac to produce awesome Dreamcast goodness .

Wooooooooow, it's like a Dreamcast and a computer mixed together - Dreamputer!

So, if you're fed up of waiting for Yu Suzuki to discover Kickstarter and fancy putting together your own Shenmue 3 for Dreamcast, and have $1000 burning a hole in your wallet then take a trip over to Ebay where some plucky dude is flogging a HKT-0120 edition unit. It's the saught after Katana edition which the seller explains, "can then be connected to a computer running Windows 98 or NT via SCSI connections (I believe it will also work on Mac computers). This allows you to access the internal 4GB hard drive and load games onto it for the purpose of emulation and testing. It can output composite video, S-Video or RGB to a computer monitor. The 4 DIP switches on the front of the system determine the video output (switches 1 and 2) and self-test mode (flip the 4th switch up and hit reset, and the system will boot into a hardware test mode with the output only visible on an RGB computer monitor), the rotating switch allows you to change the region code of the system, and the single slider switch allows the internal flash memory to be written to (this should always be in the left position during normal operation)."Phew!

There you go, so if you fancy putting together your own Dreamcast masterpiece or simply just want to own a piece of Dreamcast history check his auction over at Fleabay.