New RPG in Production for DC, Elysian Shadows

Yup, it seems that our beloved console will receive yet another new release this year this time in the shape of J-RPG. Elysian Shadows seems to be inspired by fan favourites like Chrono Trigger, Zelda, and Dragon Quest but with a modern twist. It started off as a project exclusively for the Dreamcast built from scratch, but since then it has also been ported to other systems including the PSP, PC, iOS, and Ouya. Luckily, the Dreamcast will feature some exclusives not seen on the aforementioned platforms. The person involved with promoting the game had this to say about Elysian Shadows.

"The Dreamcast will have exclusive features not seen on other platforms, such as VMU support and extra content. The team plans to push the Dreamcast hardware past its limits.

The game will feature a lighting system similar to that which is featured in modern 3D games to illustrate the passage of time. Characters within the game will have lives of their own, and every building in the game will have a purpose. There will be a heavy focus on exploration and the team wants to add many different types of environmental interactions to the game.

The battle system will be in real time as well, keeping the player on their toes. Not only are they building an amazing game, they are building an amazing toolkit and engine aspiring game developers can use to create their dream games.


They have a very large following on Youtube with their Adventures in Game Development series, which gives an inside look on the development process. The team hopes to start their Kickstarter campaign this summer to help push their game into the final stages of development. We would appreciate your support! The Kickstarter launches this year, a formal game release date as yet to be announced.

Visually, Elysian Shadows reminds me of another Dreamcast RPG I played back in the day, Silver, but everything is still obviously early in production so it's difficult to make too much judgement. Definitely, one we will be keeping an eye on so remember to keep checking back for more updates.


  1. Just wanted to note that the Kickstarter launches this year, a formal game release date as yet to be announced.

  2. Lead engine developer here... Just wanted to say we're looking forward to rocking your worlds and bringing your Dreamcasts to their knees. ;)

    Thanks so much for the support!

    Team ES.


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