Dreamcast is the best in the world!

....is the title of this awesome book published by Soft Bank.

Dreamcast No.1, true dat!

If you only ever buy one Dreamcast book make it this one. I understand most people will be thinking, "that's okay for DCgaga to say but erm....Japanese!?" but that's the awesome thing, it doesn't really matter if you don't speak the lingo, as long as you can recognize the awesome games detailed. And you will, because over the 159 pages this book features every single Dreamcast title released in Japan before the Dreamcast officially withdraw from the Japanese market in the middle of 2001, all complete with a short bio and useful information such as accessory compatibility and number of units sold.

How many games do you recognize?

The book also details every single accessory on the system as well as most (but not all) of the limited edition accessories which were released later. Obviously, due to its printing date (September 2001) it misses a couple of the later releases such as Capcom vs SNK 2, Radirgy and Puyo Puyo Fever but it is still a great piece of reading to have on your book or personally where I do my reading, toilet shelf.

Useful resource to see some of the quirkier accessories which were released

If you are interested in picking up the book we will be offering them for a short period through the website at $32, please contact via email. This book is becoming increasingly rarer to find in Japan (I was quoted 5,000 yen at Super Potato Retro Store in Akihabara)so this is a limited time offer. Thoroughly recommended to any serious Dreamcast collector or fan.