New Dreamcast fighting game for 2014?

....well possibly. A recent article on Spanish gaming blog, RetroManiac showed some screenshots of a new Streets of Rage style beat-em up by the name of "Project Y"currently in production for the Megadrive.

So, Mr. DCgaga, "What does this have to with our glorious 128-bit system?" I hear you cry. Well, the trick is that the game is currently being developed by none other than Watermelon, the team behind the Pier Solar RPG series, and who are currently porting over said game for a HD re-release on the Dreamcast. All of which means that it is very likely that Project Y could also receive an HD release.

The game is said to be of the Streets of Rage mold of fighters, but with certain RPG elements like experience points and upgrades similar to those seen in the Saturn exclusive, Dungeons & Dragons. To be honest, in 2014 I am just happy to see a new title coming to the system and the fact that it's not a shooter, well that's just the icing on the Dreamcast cake.

More news as and when!