Official UK Dreamcast Magazine Protoype Found

While it may not be the most popular magazine ever with its seemingly misplaced “lifestyle” approach, I was actually a big fan of the Official Dreamcast Magazine back in the day. The content of the magazine, itself, was the typical news, reviews, previews, and special features you would find in any gaming magazine. Yet, it always managed to find slick and cool ways to present the material, and the magazine had a great weighty feel with nice reviews which were for the most part unbiased. Each issue (apart from issue 0) came with a Dreamcast GD disc filled with game demos and trailers and occasionally featured complete games like Sega Swirl and Planet Ring. Oh, and it featured the awesome Ed Lomas of GamesMaster fame.

 The prototype cover is similar to the released version but without the official logo

Well those awesome guys at Out of Print Archive have come across a prototype issue of the magazine which the publishers presented to Sega at the time. They have also been able to interview Mark Higham, the editor-in-chief and the man who was brought in to produce the Official Dreamcast Magazine for Dennis Publishing, about what he intended for the magazine and what Sega were looking for. It is interesting to note “Sega were keen to pitch Dreamcast as a mass market machine aimed at the general public rather than at hardcore gamers” and the rather ill-fated decision to push the fact “that you could potentially play against six billion players worldwide” despite not releasing an online game in the territory for over 6 months. Overall, the interview is worth checking out just to note the change from enthusiasm to despair which was present in the whole Sega community at the time.

Check the following link for the full interview.

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