Toejam & Earl 3 - Now with 2-Player Mode!!

This story just keeps getting better and better. In case you hadn't heard ZakhooiTM, a member of the Assembler Forums, recently discovered a Dreamcast beta version of the thought canceled Toejam & Earl 3 on a dev-kit he recently purchased. Now that he has had a little time to play around with the game he has found that the early game is completely playable "Level 1 to 9 is stable, none to very few lockups" but that in later levels "lockups become more frequent". Still, there is hope that just like with Geist Force, a beta that was resurrected by fans, that some fixes can be applied to make Toejam & Earl 3 completely playable. Best of all though is that ZakhooiTM has also unearthed a fully playable 2-player mode and has uploaded the footage to YouTube, it looks great.

The owner is currently debating releasing the code to the public, but he would like to make sure it is playable first and so is intending to setup a fundraiser through PayPal. Here are his proposals.

1. I create a simple site with a PayPal and Bitcoin donation button and status. You may choose what amount you want to donate, there is no minimum.
2. When a certain amount of money has been raised (lets say 400-500 dollars) I distribute an encrypted file with all the game data in it. Sort of a preload.
3. When we reach 800-900 dollars, I release the encryption key to everyone that has donated and the game is released.

He is still deciding on what exactly he intends to do but with a find of this magnitude, so late in the Dreamcast's life, I am sure there will be no shortage of donators (myself one of them). I am also interested are you looking forward to playing this title, and would you offer a donation? Let us know in the comments section or join us in the forum.

As always, keep tuned to DCGAGA for the latest updates, as and when they appear.


  1. I'm very interested in this. Really hope the community gets a chance to check this out.


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