Toejam & Earl 3 Dreamcast Beta Discovered!

The Dreamcast really is the console that keeps on giving, not only do we still receive new releases even in 2013, but beta's of games previously thought lost to the mists of time keep popping up.

The latest addition to this collection is the iconic ToeJam & Earl series which was found by a member of the Assembler Forums, ZakhooiTM. ZakhooiTM discovered the beta version of ToeJam & Earl 3stored in a Dreamcast development kit he purchased recently. ToeJam & Earl 3 was a first party title being developed by Sega USA and scheduled to be released in the final phase of first-party Dreamcast releases around winter 2001 but tragically, like many other projects of the time like  Shinobi, House of the Dead III and Gun Valkyrie was never released, and instead ported to a rival console.

ZakhooiTM has kindly uploaded the following pictures showing the game running but it remains unclear of how much of the game is actually complete and playable as he is yet to actually play it for any length of time. Here's hoping there is a decent amount that he is willing to open it up to the community and that it is compatible with commercial Dreamcast units, and you never know, one day we may actually get to see this iconic title appear on Dreamcast after all. Stay tuned for more updates on this story! 



  1. Such amazing discover! I hope it will be released to public :)


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