It has been a busy week here at DreamcastGaga, sorting and uploading all of the files for our new magazine section which I hope will be a great resource for DC fans with a large variety of DC-related magazines and articles. And then yesterday, the site was finally transferred over to a private server, something I have wanted to do for a while, giving it a swanky, new dot com name! That's right, the rather lengthy has been replaced by the more palatable, I am really proud of the progress the site has made over the past 11 and a half months and all the positive feedback its received and this wouldn't have been possible without the close support of the wonderful, Dreamcast community, so a big thank you to everyone!

I am not finished yet though and have a ton of new ideas and things I want to cover so make sure to keep checking back. Also, if you, the reader have anything you would like me to feature then please get in touch at the usual address. So, again a big thanks to each and everyone of you who have visited the site, commented, got in touch, or just purchased something from the store. You guys make doing this so worthwhile.