Here you will find our ever-growing selection of DC reviews and features which are published on YouTube. I will try to feature the more obscure titles from the Japanese Dreamcast library and offer some insight into games which would otherwise be intangible to the average Western Sega fan.

Please keep checking back for updates!

Let's Take a Look

Dreamcast Karaoke - The prototype design for the canceled zip and DVD drive was in fact implemented into a Karaoke adapter for the DC, let's take a look.

Let's Play

Cosmic Smash - The largely unknown futuristic breakout style arcade game from Sega.

Segagaga - A look at the self proclaimed, "Sega RPG". You can also find the written review here.

Tokyo Bus Guide - The classic bus simulation which gives you the duty of ensuring that you get your passengers safely through the crowded streets of Tokyo. The written review can be found here.


Trip Around a Tokyo Arcade - Ever wondered what a typical Tokyo arcade looks like? Well check out our video, taken ninja style in an Akihabara game center.