Shenmue III set for Wii-U Release?

Well, it is if you believe the gang over at who are hinting that Corey, "I'm looking for sailors", Marshall's recent appearance at Sega for some voice work and a picture of him in front of a poster that "appears to be Ryo’s bike" means that "that Sega and the Big N are working together to bring Shenmue 3 exclusively to the Wii U."

Shenmue III or simply a cut out from Sega's Harley-Davidson and L.A. Riders game ?

To be honest, I thought that Marshall's performance in the first game was far from stellar so I am not sure how happy I would be about him reprising the role. Furthermore, as to why  the game would be released on Wii U exactly is unclear.  I guess Sega's recent collaborations on projects like Bayonetta 2, Yakuza HD, as well as the recently announced Sonic title, may hint at the possibility of a stronger relationship between the old foes but the console hardly has the installer base that Sega would hope for to reprise one of their most demanded series. Old Ninty could certainly do with any exclusives they can get their hands on and Shenmue III would be the game that would get the hardcore back on board but would need to stump up some serious cash.

Keep those fingers, toes crossed and whatever else crossed that the Sega god's are listening. In the meantime I shall be happy enough to hear Corey's "acclaimed" monotones on my copy of Shenmue USA.


  1. Were this rumour to be true (and I sincerely hope it is), Shenmue 3 would be a disaster if it launched on the Wii U. And knowing SEGA, they'd almost certainly blame the game. I, however, would be purchasing a Wii U for that game, and that game alone.

    1. Anonymous6/01/2013

      I'm not crazy about getting a Wii U either. But I've always gotten a Nintendo console for Zelda games alone, so it looks like I have 2 reasons for getting a Wii U lol.

  2. This post explains what is and what Corey has to say:


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