Sega Kawaii Store

Last week I mentioned about the new Sega Kawaii range the company were promoting as part of their endless attempts at fleecing old fans without actually releasing anything they want. A girls range of retro themed Sega clothing isn't focused marketing in my opinion but anyway today I was passing the area were the flagship store is located in Shibuya so I thought I would pop in an check it out.

Dogenzaka, not exactly the most scenic place to visit in Japan, fun though!

Now while I say I was in the area, I wasn't directly passing, and to be honest I doubt many people will other than horny teenagers and lovers looking to shack up in one of the areas infamous love hotels. Yup, that's right, Sega decided to launch their new clothing range directly slap bang in the middle of Love Hotel Hill, an area famous for its fantastical array of kinky hotels with names like Hotel Love, Hotel Charm, Hotel Princess, and best of all Hotel Seeds.

In fact, the store itself was a bit of an arse ache to find as the address on the Google Maps takes you directly to the porchway of one of the aforementioned hotels. Anyway, I finally did manage to locate the store and while the goods they had on sale weren't anything of note, the shop did have a wonderful set of mint consoles ranging from the SG-1000 right up to the Dreamcast on display.

Best of all was the two game areas were they had a Mega Drive, Saturn and of course a Dreamcast set up with a ton of games you were free to play. I asked if I could purchase any of the actual games or consoles but was unfortunately shot down. Still, kudos to the store for allowing me to chill for twenty minutes or so on Crazy Taxi, and a big thanks to the young girl behind the counter, who despite not having a clue about any of the consoles herself, gave me a good game on Virtua Fighter 2. If you are thinking of visiting the store, then you should get your skates on as the exhibition closes on Monday, May 6th.

Please check the Dreamcastgaga photobucket page for more pictures.


  1. So after the exhibition closes, those super awesome Dreamcast backpacks...won't be on sale anymore? :(

  2. Looks that way. If you would like one, let me know and I can pick one up for you.

  3. I found this ( Looks they're selling online?


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