Roll up, roll up, more overpriced tat from Sega!

After the fiasco that was the Sega Note series the company have announced the launch of a new SegaKawaii (cute) range on April 25 this month to rinse the pockets of gullible nostalgic Sega nerds like ourselves. The initial launch will begin with an effin' huge Dreamcast bag, a Dreamcast t-shirt and a 16 bit Megadrive, Segagaga style vest. However, if you do want to look like Emi from Fighting Vipers, you'll need deep pockets as the bag lone will set you back, 13,860 yen and the t-shirts around the 5,000 yen mark. 

Your PSvita will just about fit
It begs the question, if they have enough to time to faff around with this type of tat then surely they have enough time to release Shenmue HD or set-up a Kickstarter for a new game? However, if you are Segagaga enough you can visit the company's facebook page for more details on how to purchase.