Dux 1.5 Final Release Trailer

So the boys and girls down at Hucast games have announced that their semi-update to the 2009 Dreamcast shooter Dux, is due for release on April 22nd of this year. The game is a precursor to the full on sequel Redux due out erm.....soon according to Hucast. The only thing is that it is not actually clear how you can get hold of this remixed version of Dux. It was supposed to be given away to those who donated to the Redux Kickstarter but that is erm.....due soon. To be honest I found the original Dux while being graphically very pleasing quite dull in the gameplay department. The forced continues were ridiculous and it just felt rather tepid when compared to something like Pink Bulllets. Hopefully, this update will improve that. Anyway, in the meantime enjoy this video of yet another new release for our glorious system.