All ABOUT book series

SNK and Capcom games are renowned for being the best in 2D fighting action. They are also famous for their convoluted story lines and plots which make about as much sense as going to a crack-house for vitamins. Luckily, Studio Bent Stuff(Yup, that is the publisher's real name) released a couple of video game books in the early noughties, which offered bible-like detail on each companies fighting games up until the year 2000. These books are huge book and contain pretty much everything there is to know about each respected companies' fighting games.

The detail in these books is nothing short of staggering with story analysis, technical analysis, screen shots, cover arts, special moves, ending screen shots, hidden secrets, and art gallery; basically all the information you could ever want on Capcom's and SNK's finest. The Capcom book is a huge 350 pages and the games featured include every single Street Fighter made before 2001, Vampire Hunters, Vampire Savior, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Pocket Fighter, Star Gladiator, Final Fight, Power Stone, and much more.

The SNK book is even bigger with a massive 399 pages and includes RealBout, Samurai Spirits, The King of Fighters, Super Tag Battle, Buriki One in Tokyo and for each game, the book goes through the different versions by year. These books really are the ultimate resource for any fan of fighting games. Currently, and probably for the foreseeable future they are only available in Japanese; however, they feature significant amounts of pictures and artwork that you can probably piece together most of the context. You can see some images I have uploaded at the DreamcastGaga Photobook page.

These books are available from the Dreamcastgaga Shop but due to their original high retail price and subsequently rarity (especially the SNK edition) they are not cheap! Still, for the hardcore there is no better coverage of the what is no doubt, both companies' golden-era of gaming.