NEO ZAIKUSU (AKA-NEO XYX) Trailer & Price Details!

We announced news of Neo Zaikusu's release back in January and this week the game's producers, NG DEV TEAM finally released firm details of its release (June 2013) and the variations that will be available for pre-order.

While I loved the Last Hope cover this one is a bit garish!?

There are three different flavours for fans of this old school shooter to choose from; for 32 Euros you get the regular edition complete with DVD case and a colour manual, wheras if you plump up 42 Euros you get the Special Edition which comes with a different cover and a soundtrack CD of the game's audio. For a whopping, 88 Euros you can treat yourself to the "DC Collector Edition", which although comes with the regular edition game also comes with a limited edition card sleeve with postcards, stickers and a Neo Zaikusu T-shirt. All can be ordered online through the NG DEV DIRECT homepage. Here's the latest trailer of the game.

To be honest though, after playing through the excruciatingly hard Last Hope I find it a little bit difficult to get excited about another six levels of sadistic video gaming. Maybe it's just that shooters are not really my thing, especially ones which have the graphical capacity of a Sega Megadrive title, but playing through games like Cosmic Smash, Puzzle Fighter X, Tokyo Bus Guide and King of Fighter's 99 Evolution in the past month have reminded me of just how polished and varied the Dreamcast's library really was, and while being welcome additions to the system's lineup, these modern releases really don't stand up against any of the systems true classics. I wish we would see an independent studio do something creative or apply some of the concepts which made the console so revolutionary and progressive. It would be interesting to know what kind of numbers these independent games make and whether a developer who normally produces games for Android or IOS wouldn't be interested in producing something for the Dreamcast? There are certainly enough machines and fans out their to support any such releases.