Dreamcast Laptop?

Fan of the Dreamcast? Need a new PC? Got a wod of cash burning a hole in your wallet? Then Sega have just the things for you.

The Dreamcast version is ultimately a little plain

Sold exclusively through the Sega Store Sega have released the "Sega Note" series of laptops in a variety of flavours from a Dreamcast to Megadrive covered computers. According to the website each laptop comes with exclusive Window's themes depending on which version you pick up. Dreamcast themes consist of "Segagaga, Eternal Arcadia, Roommania #203 and interestingly Zombie Revenge ones, with up to 20 around others scheduled for release.

A variety of Sega Windows themes are available depending on the version you purchase

Good news is that covers are interchangeable so if you purchase the Dreamcast version you would be able to change to the Sega, or Saturn plate should you purchase those as well. What is not so appealing is the price, with the "Standard" model retailing for over 130,000 yen for what is essentially, just a windows computer with an Intel Core i3 Processor. It seems that there is around a 40,000 yen mark up on similar spec computers just for the Sega name. While they are rather attractive this release is obviously nothing more than a cheap way to cash in on nostalgic Sega fans.