Dreamcast Games of 2013

Stuck on what to spend your left over Christmas money, or those almost worthless HMV vouchers on, well fear not because the kind chaps at Thunderbolt have put together a list of new Dreamcast titles that will be coming to the console this year. Yep, with a ton of new releases, and shock-horror non-shooter ones too, there is still plenty of life in the Dreamcast (although Shenmue III is still yet to be confirmed. Dreamcast 2 launch title Sega?).

Neo XYX is one of the latest games to be announced for the system in 2013

Personally, I can't wait to finally get my sweaty paws on Sturmwind, a game which has seemingly been in development forever -let's hope it's more Fallout 3 than Duke Nukem: Forever! Also, Pier Solar, an HD remix of an RPG which received fairly good reviews from those who played it on the Megadrive, caught my attention as it has simply been so long since I immersed myself in a good old J-RPG, custom region packaging is certainly a cool feature too. So, with a ton of good looking games to come out and with more surely to be announced, 2013 should be another great year for the ever-young, Sega Dreamcast.