2013 and the Dream is still going strong!

Yup, 2013 and we get news of our first new game planned for release on our beloved system. Entitled, "The Ghost Blade", the game is another 2D shooter by the creator of Fast Striker, Last Hope, Gunlord, Dux and the team behind Redux: Dark Matters (Caravan). The Ghost Blade will no doubt be another great addition to the Dreamcast's already bustling shooter library and provide shmup fans with yet another title to perfect.

While there's no doubting the quality of the games I wish Hucast would take more time with their artwork

Details are a bit thing on the ground at the moment although we know that it is set to be a another side-scrolling shooter in the vein of Dux (although vertically play is also available via an option if you fancy) and the classic, R-Type. Other than that the team is keep tight lipped about the release, and with only the following info available on the Hucast blog:

Game Features: 3 Game Modes with 3 player ships too choose from.
Screen Orientation: TATE (“3:4”) and YOKO (“4:3”)
Game Modes: Stage Mode: 5 Stages Caravan Mode: 2 min./5 min.
Time Attack Release: TBA 2013

Stay tuned for more details at DreamcastGaga.