Shopping trip to Akihabara

On recent outing to Akihabara, while I wasn't actually intending to purchase anything I stumbled upon a couple of "junk"items in Trader which caught my eye. Amongst the endless copies of Sega GT and Virtua Striker 2 were these two gems for 105 yen (80p) each.

I paid a total of 210 yen for these. There are still bargains to be had in Akiba.

Now, these games are totally mint and sometimes I can't fathom what exactly "Junk Game" entails in Japanese stores. I guess it's because that they are lacking the spine-cards but other than that they are mint. Out of the two I was most excited to pick up Eternal Arcadia as I haven't had the opportunity to play it since it was released in Europe, at the end of the Dreamcast's lifespan back in 2001. I remember trading a SNES with a couple of games at Gamestation for it and while I kinda regret letting the SNES go, I wasn't disappointed one bit by the game. It's a fairly rare title that normally commands a fair investment so I am really happy getting it for such a decent price and will be keen to see how the adventures of Vyse and co, holds up in 2012.

I am also pleased to pick up Outtrigger again. Obviously, it is not the boxed version that comes with the mouse, but luckily I already have a separate Dreamcast mouse to test the game out. It was a lot of fun back in the day but with developments in shooter genre I suspect it just might be one that is better left in the past.