New Dreamcast Magazine Scan

Those kind folk over at have recently uploaded another full scan of the UK Dreamcast magazine - Dreamcast Magazine. Following their recent uploads of issues 1 and 2, comes the third installment of the magazine with its extensive look at the Dreamcast classic, Shenmue as well as driving games F355 and Tokyo Highway Challenge. 

Personally, I enjoy going through these old magazines and reliving the hype of the games I have come to cherish and so am extremely grateful for’s diligent efforts in getting these magazines on the net for all to enjoy. Sterling work boys, cheers! 

You can grab a copy of the issue in its various formats from the following link. 

On my shelf at home I have a complete set of the Official UK Dreamcast Magazine, which while being criticized and lauded by Dreamcast fans in equal measures, I always found a decent read. Okay, it was a disappointment to some fans after the great work that EMAP did with the Saturn magazine but I admired the direction which they were taking with the magazine and always thought the reviews were fair and well written for an official publication. Anyway, I hope to get them on the site some point sooner rather than later so you can see for yourselves. Stay tuned!