Dreamcast Mod Update

A few weeks ago I purchased a new Dreamcast and also one of the limited edition cases for the system. These cases were only released in the US and in extremely limited numbers.

As you can see the only problem was that the case only covered the top half and so it left the unit looking a little bit like liquorice allsort; not quite white, but not really black either. 

For our non-UK readers, these sandwich looking things 
are liquorice allsorts and they are nasty

I wanted a fully black Dreamcast, just like the not really that rare, but really overpriced Dreamcast Direct black units and so on the weekend I decided to pick up some black spray paint and use the base from one of my older, slightly yellowing units to put together with my new lid. I taped over all of the cable slots and other holes and such as not to damage the system and gave the unit a light spray and then went over it again with another coat an hour or so later. It is obviously not the most difficult mods in the world but it was my first time in spraying the console so I was little worried about spraying too much and ending up with mounds and lumps but luckily it seemed to go okay. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results.

Base unit, needed to tape up the controller ports

System working no problems, phew!

My daughter giving it a test drive with Seaman