New arrivals, Brand New Dreamcast, black cover and Yukawa bits!

Arriving home last night I had a special suprise with a small box of Dreamcast goodness waiting for me on the porch. Inside, was a new Dreamcast HKT-3000 which was the final Dreamcast to be released and comes with the later white box design, and a with Dream Passport 3, the final browser to be released for the console.

Also, inside was a rare piano black limited edition official Dreamcast cover. I fixed this to my current Dreamcast as I wanted to keep this new HKT-3000 all sealed up, and plus well my original HKT-3000 is great for obvious reasons. Now, this only covers the top half of the system and I the contrast with the black and white looks pretty cool but I'm considering spraying the bottom half black as well to have a fully black, Megadrive looking Dreamcast. The R7 black controller looks great with the system too.


The sender of this little lot also kindly included a Senior Managing Director, Yukawa-san phone strap which were all the rage at the time in Japan, and a limited edition Yukawa music CD which was originally released by in November 1998 for 1000 yen (7 pounds) and features 3 tracks from when the Dreamcast was originally being promoted. The songs have some ridiculous lyrics with buzzwords of the campaign like 128-bit,online play and visual memory.

Although not pictured, I also recieved a copy of Biohazard: Code Veronica Complete Edition for halloween and 5 brand new sealed copies of Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000. Why five copies you may wonder? Well, at 6 yen (10 p) a pop,  Virtua Striker 2 is the cheapest way to get brand new cases for my games. You can never have enough cases.