Geist Force: What could have been?

Watching Yakumo's video footage of Geist Force, a game which was due for release at the system's Japanese launch but was never released due to internal politics at Sega, it got me thinking about all of the titles that could have been. The game itself was recently found by an Ex Sega employee and to most people surprise the game was fairly playable and included five levels, although the latter ones are extremely buggy by all accounts. Judging by the video the game seems to play along the lines of a Panzer Dragoon type on rails shooter and the textures seem great for a launch title, especially considering what else was around at the time - Virtua Fighter 3tb, July, Godzilla Generations, and Pen Pen Tricelon.

Versions which mimic the look of an authentic Japanese Dreamcast retail game have been released in limited quantities to people who donated some money to acquire the source code from the Sega employee. The game is also due to be released for free to download for anybody with a Dreamcast or emulator to try out. Check out out footage from the game at Yakumo's YouTube page.

Watching this video I couldn't help but be reminded of all the countless other Dreamcast games that were panned or postponed for another console. The list is truly stunning, Black & White, Gun Valkyrie, Half-Life, The House of the Dead III, Jet Set Radio Future, Max Payne, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Soul Reaver 2, Strider 2,Time Crisis II,  ToeJam & Earl III, Unreal, and Virtua Fighter 4 to name just a few, and while the Dreamcast already has one of the best line-ups of any console ever these further releases would surely have only added to its majesty.