Tokyo Game Show 2012

This year's Tokyo Game Show was rather a tepid affair with rather a lack of any exclusives, or big news that we didn’t know before the show. Giveaways were also lacking compared to previous years while the exception was SEGA who were giving huge white SEGA bags out to the first 1000 people.

These bags were everywhere and emblazoned on the side, with Sega’s new “Sega Apps” logo they really were the most recognizable freebies at the event was a good lesson to the other companies in advertising and self-promotion. Sega’s booth was one of the more impressive ones at the event with the company pushing Phantasy Star Online 2, the sequel to the Dreamcast classic online classic.

There were demos of each of the platforms which this game will be appearing (pretty much all of them) and the huge dragon boss from the original game. The game looks great, a nice evolution, rather than revolution of the first game. It is already out now for PC and is running on the free-to-play model, which you can play the game for free but if you need to purchase a new t-shirt or an upgraded gun for your character then you will have to pay a few yen for the privilege. A difference from the PSO I know and love, though, was that the version at TGS didn’t include a MAG, as it seemed its purpose was to simply show how the multiplayer co-op would work. The game seemed a lot of fun and after no time I could get out some two and three-hit combos or just button mash my way to victory. I am guessing the final version wont be easy but this demo had auto-resurrect so I wasn't too concerned with dying.  Sega were also showing their new title, Yakuza 5, as well as the Yakuza 1 & 2 HD collection, which looked great, especially 5 which was announced for a December 5 Japan release.

So, other than the games and the freebies, the real reason people go to these things is for the girls and this year’s event did not disappoint especially Sega’s who were out in full force taking pictures, giving out free crap and spreading the general, Sega Cheer.