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Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) - Issue #1 (November 1999)

The second magazine to be released from Dennis Publishing in the UK, the Official Dreamcast Magazine issue 1 actually skipped a month and was released in October to coincide with the delayed launch of the console in Europe

Issue #1 (November 1999)
Cover: This month's cover features some witch-looking woman from Shenmue that I don’t think ever made it into the full game, and also Butcher Brown from Ready to Rumble  the surprise launch hit for the Dreamcast in Europe. Design wise it maintains that clean white look similar to the first mag and I like the orange font in a nod to the Japanese colours, but overall this month's cover is a bit of a CGI mess. Still, loving the continued focus on buuubes and babes, so can't complain too much.

Freebie: This month ditched the VHS for an exclusive GD-rom disc with the following titles (as long as some kid hadn't pinched it!).
Sonic Adventure (Playable) Millennium Solider: Expendable (Playable) And the following movie demos, Toy Comma…

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