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Selling the Dream

While the adverts shown in Europe for the Dreamcast were criticized for their vagueness and poor  imitation of the PlayStation’s 90s avant-garde logo focused promotion, the commercials in the USA and Japan were entertaining, intriguing, and had a unique style all of their own. It was a theme of most of the consoles in the late nineties to develop a 'brand' rather than showing any actual gaming footage or other segments that would suggest the product was toy. Instead, a common theme would be to display a logo accompanied by a track of whichever band happened to be popular at the time.

Interestingly, the launch commercials for the Dreamcast in North America, although not featuring any gameplay, at least featured both the Dreamcast's logo and console quite prominently, as well as some of Sega's most well known characters like Sonic in its commercials so viewers knew what the hell it was trying to sell. The basic plot revolved around the theme of a virus called “Dreamcast…

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