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Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) - Issue #0 (September 1999)

Growing up in the UK there were a fair amount of Dreamcast magazines to choose from. I flip-flopped between DC-UK, and DreamcastMagazine for a time, before finally settling on the one that came with the 'official' moniker, and in-turn a lovely GD-Rom full of demos, at least in the early years.
The Official Dreamcast Magazine (ODM) certainly had it's detractors. Its attempt at being more of a "lifestyle" magazine was pretentious and the fashion features were definitely a little misguided, but once this team (and they were a brand new team) got into their swing, I feel it was the most balanced, informative, and entertaining of all of the Dreamcast publications in the UK.
Digging them out recently, and now having the opportunity to play through the demo discs (one of which was Sega Swirl and another Planet Ring) on my newly purchased PAL system, I thought it would be fun to go through each edition (of which there are #22) and relive the hope, and inevitable despair…

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